2Owning property can be a great way to earn a significant amount of money through amounts earned when you let the property. This process can be a bit confusing for many and finding the right property, and tenants, is essential when letting property for income.

Finding the Right Property

One of the most important considerations when you are letting property to a ten is finding the right location and property size. You will not necessarily want to buy the largest or fanciest property to let as you may find yourself with a more limited pool of potential tenants. Instead, look for a property that appeals to a wide swath of people including the typical family size or potential renter, depending on the location. For example, if the area you are looking to let is near a university then the size of the apartment that you are going to buy to let may be different than if it was in a suburban zone.

Finding the Right Tenant

Another critical component of letting an apartment is finding the right tenant to let to. There are many different ways to analyze potential candidates including credit history checks, income verification, and obtaining references. All are critical considerations that you should have and you should feel comfortable that this potential tenant will be able to make their lease payments regularly and on time and has a low risk for defaulting on their lease obligations.

Upgrading and Caring for the Apartment

You will also have to consider how much time and money you will put into upgrading and maintaining your apartment and what impact this can have on the rents that you can charge to those letting the space. Perform an cost benefit analysis and try to take both a short and long-term view of the money that you will spend in maintaining and improving the apartment.

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